Chroma Korouchi

Chroma Kurouchi Cooking Knives
The CHROMA Haiku Kurouchi knife belongs to the Takumi knives. Takumi knives combine the highest craftsmanship, tradition, elegance, the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship in itself. In addition to the CHROMA Haiku Kurouchi knives, the CHROMA HAIKU Itamae Suminagshi and the CHROMA Haiku Pro are among the Takumi knives. Takumi in Japanese means as much as "masterly craftsmanship".

Typical of CHROMA Haiku Kurouchi blades is the extreme sharpness. The blade core is made of high quality, extra hard blue AOKO steel and covered with a softer iron for better flexibility and stability. The very flat ground blades have a hardness of about 61 degrees Rockwell and guarantee a very long life of the cutting edge.
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