The iMamba is a high quality knife from SA

The iMamba is a high quality knife from SA

With the iMamba you are buying an absolutely high-quality knife from South Africa. You can choose the typical opening using the flipper and ball bearings or opt for the German Edition. The German Edition does not have a flipper to open the blade from the handle and runs on washers.

Due to the pronounced nail cut, the German Edition is not 42a compliant (German legislation), but it is a pleasure to see the blade barrel. Now the iMamba is also available with a damascus blade and each knife therefore looks completely different. The blade finish is also selectable and you can even choose when ordering whether you want it with a perforated blade or not.

There are no limits for the knife lover. And if you would like to buy your own Imamba according to your wishes, then write to us and we will check whether this can be taken into account in one of the upcoming productions. This is how you get the knife that is tailored to you.
German Edition
Rarity - German Edition iMamba Arno Bernard Knives RAG Micarta from antique bowling ball
German Edition
Steel: RWL-34
Handle Material: Rare RAG Antique Bowling Ball Micarta + Titanium
Blade length: 86mm
Total length: 200mm
Locking: frame lock with steel insert
Installed: bronze washer
Other: including certificate, German Edition
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778.06 USD
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incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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