Knifedesigner Sven Kinast Solingen Germany

My own design with practical relevance

In 2015 I designed my own knife design because I wanted to pursue the path of offering unrivaled knives on the knife market. When naming each design, I only use the first letters of my first name "Sven Kinast" and the numbering of my designs. This is how the SK series was created.

When it comes to my knife designs, it is important to me that the knives have a certain practicality. My goal is not to design pure display knives, but rather to ensure that these knives are also used in everyday life. So I let customer feedback and the feedback from the respective manufacturer influence the design. It was all the better that I was able to immediately achieve third place in the reader's choice in Messer Magazine with my first design, the SK01. Years later I even achieved first place for my design with the SK-V.

The combination of customer feedback and practical suitability make the SK series a first-class companion and is a great addition to your EDC gear.
( © Photos and text in the photo by Martin Specht / Messer Magazine)

winner 1. place knife award

My successes

My greatest success as a designer is certainly first place in the 2020 readers' choice in Messer Magazine with the SK-V. Here Heidi Blacksmith had made a harpoon for me with damask and a handle made of mammoth tusk. My biggest design selling experience was selling my SK-03 Workaholic design to the company QSP Knives. The largest project of my own to date is the SK09, which is very popular with many customers and which I am now offering for sale to other dealers for the first time in years at Messerdepot.
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