Handmade hanks from Germany

RMC (Real men carry)

RMC - "Real men Carry" new partnership for Hanks

RMC is short for Real Men Carry. This name and this abbreviation come from his Instagram account. There he first has pictures of his EDC (Every Day Carry) under the
Name published marcels.edc. The name RMC, or Real Men Carry, was introduced later when he started making handkerchiefs and was looking for a suitable brand name.

Who is behind it?

His name is Marcel and is 32 years young, married, father of twins and an edc junkie with a passion for photography and sewing. As already described above, I met Marcel through Instagram. His great pictures where he staged his handkerchiefs perfectly were noticeable. After various messages and phone calls, it was clear that the chemistry was right and that we wanted to work together
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