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Steffen Bender Knives

Steffen Bender - Handmade custom knives from Baden-Württemberg

I met Steffen around 2013 at the KAMFT with Jürgen Schanz. I really liked his likeable nature and his knives right from the start. I kept asking him if he would build a small number of his works for my knife shop. Since he, like me, only pursues his love for knives alongside a main job, I have not received a commitment until 2022.
Of course, I spoke to him again at the KNIFE-2022 in Solingen (sometimes I'm just a little tick) and it's an honor for me to be able to proudly announce that his work is now available in our shop.

In 2005, Steffen once again wanted to buy a new knife. Unfortunately, he didn't find any that he really liked. Instead of buying a new knife, let it be known in various forums that many produce their own knives for this reason. Up to this point he had never thought about this step himself.
Since his professional background is in the metal sector, he was not completely unfamiliar with a lot of things related to knife making, so he made his first knife himself using the most primitive tools.
With every knife made, however, the workshop became a little better equipped.

This hobby has not let him go since 2005 and he is always happy when he holds a new self-made knife in his hands.

He prefers to make simple "every day carry" knives from modern materials and steel, which you can carry with you at all times as a reliable companion. Finely ground and cutting-friendly blades are very important to him. His knives are less for the rough but do exactly what they're supposed to do...extremely good cutting.

Just something from the lover for the lover!

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