OW Knives

OW Knives

OW Knives - handcrafted slipjoint knives by Oliver Weber

The story behind OW-Knives (alias Oliver Weber) reminds me extremely of my own story when I founded the Messerdepot company with Rosi. So at the beginning we had set up the PC for the shop in a small corner in the kitchen and couldn't afford many of our dreams for financial reasons.

But let's start from the beginning!
A customer made me aware of OW-Knives in mid-2020, as Oliver produces first-class pocket knives entirely by hand. I didn't have much hope that a "custom maker" would find the time to produce something for our customers. After a few lines and phone calls with Oliver, it quickly became apparent that he does the knife production as a secondary trade and that he does not have a large workshop to produce quantities. He told me that he made his knives as he had time and that there would be a maximum of 12-15 pieces per year.

When I asked where he made his knives when he didn't have a workshop, my eyes got really big and my ears even bigger! He told me that he produces his knives with his hardware store grinder in the middle of the kitchen in about 2 square meters and uses a Yton stone with a drill hole and a normal Bunsen burner for hardening. Incredible when you know the results. And there was the parallel to the time when the knife depot was created, except that Rosi didn't have to worry about grinding dust and stinking mammoths.

To check the quality, I sent him a piece of Ironwood and he built a beautiful Lanny's clip for me. Then it was clear to me that I would support this young talent and "give him a hand" as I had been supported back then.

The Bunsen burner is now history and has been replaced by a decent curing oven. A suction option has also been made available with regard to "cleanliness in the kitchen" and we can start the year 2021 with a newcomer from the knife scene. Look forward to exclusive work by OW-Knives which he produces exclusively for the knife depot.
You can find a report from his partner here: Report from Lisa.B. ....Read more
Handcrafted EDC custom knife made of RWL-34 / handle mammoth tusk / leather sheath
Steel: RWL34 satinised by hand
Blade: 86mm / sharp area about 79mm
Total length: 193mm
Handle: mammoth tusk
Other: high quality leather sheath by Matthias Leimküller
Special: 100% handcraft
You will receive the pictured knife.
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