Knifemaker from Solingen / Germany

Matthias Leimküller is a knife maker here from Solingen who still carries out many of his work steps by hand. Only from the outer shape of the knife can it be cut with a CNC. He then bores holes for the pins / screws or the cut himself, as well as the other work steps, by hand. He also produces his very high quality leather sheaths by hand. As steel, he mainly uses the carbon steel 80CrV2 or also known as 1.2235. His workshop or his Keller-Kotten as he describes his workshop himself is only a few minutes away by car. For me the advantage of being able to discuss various details with him himself.

I am glad that I can now offer you a piece of Solingen craftsmanship from which I know that the processing quality fits and is convincing.

See for yourself.
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