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Forge Works

FORGE WORKS - Custom knife by Christoph Gihring

As already known, I am always looking for young and relatively new knife makers to be able to present them to the knife scene. In Christoph von Forge Works I have finally found someone who can find a place in the "tactical" area.

As with other young knife makers, his path started in a completely different direction. After completing middle school, he trained as a wood sculptor and also worked in a castle cafe in the kitchen. Even as a "budding" cook, his incentive was to try out and develop various things. The thought of building knives was still a long way off.
During a stay abroad in Australia, he had built a knife with the simplest of means and was attached. Driven by the ambition to make it even better to develop in this sector, he used his parents' garage for his first attempts. Learning by doing and watching a number of videos got him on a daily basis. The idea of ​​independence as a knife maker arose.

In February 2019 the time had come. He rented a workshop and expanded his machinery accordingly. The company "Forge Works" was founded. Christoph also only has the blade blanks cut out by "watercut". All further steps are then done entirely by hand. His focus is on tactical design and chef's knives, which is certainly due to his past as a budding chef.

I am glad to be able to present another extraordinary knife maker in our shop, Christoph, who will also produce our SK07!
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