Fine pocket knife from the USA with noble handle materials

Trestle Pine Knives
From now on, we are pleased to be able to exclusively offer the knives from Trestle Pine, which are produced in the USA. By the "§42a Waffg." is limited the guiding of knives here in Germany. Therefore, we have decided to present to you in the future such knives, which you can safely carry with you. With TRESTLE PINE we have found exactly such a manufacturer who produces pocket knives in the classic style.
What sets Trestle Pine apart and why did we choose Greg Holmes (owner Trestle Pine)? The knives are easy to catch in the eye, because Greg uses among other things very noble and high-quality woods for the handles. Also, a reason that some knives come only as a limited because it is always uncertain whether he can get the used wood again.
INFO: The special feature of this knife is that Trestle Pine uses some wood for these knives, some of which are older than 400 years. Of course, everyone is thinking, how can that be? About 160 years ago, the waterways were used to transport the logs to the sawmill. It happened again and again that the ropes of the fuse tore and sank the trunks in the river / lake. By this time, the bolted trees were already old. Because of the low oxygen content of the water, these strains have been conserved by nature. Trestle Pine has found a supplier who can salvage these ancient tribes from the depths of the lakes with a very expensive and laborious process. We have marked all knives from an old tree with the designation "OLD GROWTH" in our shop. With one of these Trestle Pine knives you have a piece of American history.
Trestle Pine Gunflint Red Curly Maple CPM154
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