Serie - SK08

Serie - SK08
The SK08-Perski is the first knife I built a prototype for myself (see illustration). I had put my basic idea on paper and when M. Leimküller visited me in the workshop, his ideas flowed straight into the design. We quickly got into conversation as to whether he might not want to produce the SK08 for me, as with the other models in the SK series. So it came about that Matthias started producing the SK08-Perski for me from now on. And when I find the time, I will occasionally build a copy and label it accordingly in the shop.

Matthias Leimküller also comes from Solingen and lives around the corner from me. In the knife community it is known for its high quality workmanship. He prefers to work another hour instead of not handing out a product in the desired quality. No matter if finish or cut ... everything has to be perfect in his eyes.

And not only with the knives, but also with the leather sheaths, which, like the knives, he makes entirely by hand. A dream of craftsmanship! This certainly has its price, but as a customer you also get something of high quality on offer.
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