Anton van der Westhuizen

Anton van der Westhuizen
Anton van der Westhuizen is a South African custom knife maker at the age of 60 (as of 2022). He has been a member of the South African Knife Guild since 2014 and has already received an award for best newcomer. In his career he has studied art, among other things, which is partly reflected in his knives.

He built his first knife in 2005 and was able to sell it for US$200. Today his knives are in great demand in the custom and knife community and are priced in a different league than in 2005. One of the reasons for this is that he only uses the support of CNC machines for the inlays (e.g. Mammut or Timascus). Everything else he produces purely by hand.
One reason why you sometimes have to wait several months for an Anton knife. It usually takes him 1-2 weeks to make a knife.

I am very proud that Anton is now working with us and that I am always able to present some of his work here.
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