High-quality pocket knives with fine materials by JiYi Chen

J.E. Made Knives
J.E Made Knives since 2019 exclusive in our knife shop
I'm glad that since the beginning of 2019 I have been using J.E. Made or Jemade Knives written, in our shop online and exclusively in Europe can offer. J.E. Made is a small company from China that produces very high quality knives (mainly pocket knives). The materials used and the processing of the knives are first-class. Once a Jemade knife in hand a knife collector reluctant to release such a knife again.

Who is J.E Made Knives?
Entrepreneur is Mr. JiYi Chen who designs and produces these knives. JiYi Chen was born in 1980 in a small village in NanJing. In his free time as a little boy he often went fishing and hunting, otherwise no other recreational opportunities are offered in such a small village.

After completing his college degree (computer programming, 2001), he worked for 9 years as a telecommunications designer and planner in a provincial telecommunications institute. During this time, he bought and sold high-quality US knives.

Around the year 2008 he started with some knife designs. Convinced that he would be successful with his own knife brand and high standards of quality, in 2010 he ended his job as a telecommunications planner. He had his first blades heat treated in 2010 by Jerry Hossom. During this time, he learned a lot about Jerry's heat treatment. This experience has helped him to have his heat treatment done in NanJing ever since. The hammer on the blades means that the heat treatment was done by JiYI.

His knives are largely handmade to meet his high standards of workmanship. With his partner (more than 20 years of experience in the field of knife production) he has his pocket knives manufactured in a small factory of currently 8 people.
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