Handmade slipjoints from Germany


Who is Oliver and how did OW Knives come about?

The OW in OW Knives stands for the initials of the knife maker Oliver Weber. However, it could be an alternative
also stand for "without words". The way he works, he sure leaves one or the other without words. With
He copes with the simplest means, tools and temporary arrangements in his craft. However, this does
its results in no way detract from it, on the contrary - each of his pieces is in its simplicity
special and unique.

The person

Oliver was born in 1989 on the Baltic Sea, where he still lives today with a dog, a tomcat and a partner.
As a young boy he was interested in knives, collected them and spent a lot of time in his childhood
with friends in the forest in front of the village. His first self-drawn drawings were already being made at this time
Knife designs. 20 years later the interest in high-quality knives had still not decreased.
The collection grew, but he could not and would not afford some knives himself. So he decided
without further ado to build it for yourself.

The start of your own knife production

So at the beginning of 2018 he built his first traditional Finnish puukko to use as a carving knife - and
then a few more. In the absence of suitable premises, he temporarily built the joint
Kitchen. What was initially only meant to be temporarily, he has kept to this day. His working conditions
in his "workshop" he has simply optimized over the years: belt sander, sandpaper, files,
Saws, gas burners and Ytong stones to heat up his knives are now part of the fixed
Kitchen inventory in addition. From hardening the blades to filing the handle scales, everything is handmade
in this small kitchen in northern Germany.

At the beginning of 2019 he discovered his real preference for knife making: the traditional pocket knives,
especially the Lanny’s clip. Oli’s aim is to produce Lannies that not only look good,
but also run technically flawlessly. His knives should be noticeably valuable and sit comfortably in the hand.
“A knife has to feel good in your hand so that you want to use it every day,” he says
himself. At OW Knives, love for detail, accuracy and the traditional are combined with the
individual charm from old craft.

Text by his partner Lisa B.

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