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Hvedegaard Knives

Hvedegaard Knives - Young guy from Central Jutland in Denmark

Hvedegaard Knives, is run solely by Mikkel Hvedegaard. A 23 year old guy from Central Jutland in Denmark. Mikkel has been working a couple of years for one of the greatest knifemakers in Denmark, and with a little guidance started his own knife brand. 

Hvedegaard Knives started out as a dream, in a small shop in the basement of Mikkel’s parents’ house. With nothing more than simple tools, the shop grew and kept growing, till it became what it is now. Moved into a new location, became a dedicated knifemaking shop, a fulltime job, and a passion for making the best knives possible. The young knifemaker Mikkel Hvedegaard, is not scared to take the traditional Nordic knives into a new direction.
When I look at many of the knifemakers here in the Nordics, many of them make traditional knives based on well known methods and designs. Although I have tremendous respect for them I do not want to go down the same path. I want to bring something new to the Nordic knife  world.

Attention is on the details. Once, the basics of knifemaking has been covered, e.g. the heat treating cycle of hardening and tempering (not to say this is simple, it is a very delicate procedure), then you can focus on unique features. What makes a knifemaker stand out on an international level is the attention to design, materials, and details. Mikkel says: “ I would rather spend an extra hour or two on a small detail in the handle, than making twice as many knives. It is quality, not quantity.” With this philosophy and hard work, Mikkel has succeeded in making the brand Hvedegaard Knives and now sells knives to customers all around the globe.

“I have not mastered my craft to perfection yet, and I probably never will, as every day is a new day with so much to learn. I will never come to a stand still, I keep pushing day in and day out, both mine and others' opinion of knife making.” - Mikkel Hvedegaard Hvedegaard Knives, is a brand strongly represented in the outdoor world. Everything from bushcrafters, to hunters, soldiers, and gear enthusiasts. Making it a tried and true brand.
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