A small company from New Zealand

HSK Machineworks

Wonderful pocket knives from a young entrepreneur from New Zealand

Harry Kim shows that it is not always necessary to invest a lot in order to be active in business. Sometimes it is enough to simply implement the love of the hobby or an idea.

At the age of 25, Harry is a young entrepreneur from New Zealand whose main job is a teacher. About 8 years ago he started collecting knives and dealing with the matter. As with many others, he started to build his own knives on a small scale. The focus here was on kitchen knives or fixed knives.
During this time he also had the opportunity to expand his experience in the field of CNC machining. Since he would like to expand his own knife construction in the future, he started with an OEM order first.

He does not produce his first series himself, but has it produced for himself by a manufacturer. In his case, it is the company Kansept, with whom I have been working for a long time and are a guarantee for high quality workmanship.

His first series "Lenny's Clip" is limited to 200 copies.
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