EDC = Every Day Carry - Knife for everyday use

What does EDC knife mean?

Who has not heard or read it already? Time and again the EDC talks about knives. But what does it mean? As for the word itself, it is translated from English and means banal "everyday wear" (EDC = Every Day Carry). That can include many things. For the one, it is his cell phone and key, for the knife friend his knife and Pflegeoil.

What I personally understand by EDC
For me as an EDC, I refer to the articles or knives, where I do not immediately draw the public's attention in my daily use. As EDC I therefore see pocket knives or Slipjoint knife in general or just a fine little fixed knife, which does not resemble the size of a machete similar. Such EDC knives you can find here in this section in the knife shop.
Boker Barlow Prime Schloss Burg Solingen O1 carbon steel oak wood
Carbon steel O1 - not rustproof
Blade 70mm
Overall length 155mm
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141.01 USD

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And could the selection of EDC knives help you?

I hope the selection of different knives in our knife shop has helped you a bit. If you have questions about a knife, then write to me via mail. If you have bought one of these EDC knives, then we would be glad, if you then evaluate the product in the shop. That would help you a lot. You can also find these EDC knives in our other shop categories like "Classic Knives" or "Pocket Knives".
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