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Andrius Tricius - The Heart of TRC Knives

The seat of TRC Knives is in Ukmergė, a city with about 28,000 inhabitants in eastern Lithuania. This is located directly on the 242km long river Šventoji. Born in Ukmergė in 1979, Andrius Tricius began his career as a ship's cook at the end of his school career to fulfill his passion for cooking. But already after 3 months he finished his education and moved to London where he worked as a carpenter for 7 years. But the desire to move back home was greater. Having arrived back in Lithuania, he founded his present company and has since been able to fully exploit his crafting skills.
What does TRC stand for?
The acronym TRC does not conceal a complicated name merger, but contains only a short form of his surname Tricius.

The emergence of TRC-Knives.
Andrius got a Bowie knife from a friend. His friend was full of expectation, so he gave Andrius something very special. But with the reaction of Andrius his friend probably did not expect. Because the quality of the knife was inferior and that Andrius also shared his friend. But at the same time was the incentive to produce something of their own in perfect quality.
So he began to read in the matter and got, among other things, a lot of information from the Internet. In exchange with other knife manufacturers Andrius enriched his knowledge. Initially, the knives produced by him were not yet flawless. But over time and after much paid apprenticeship, he optimized his work and found his own line.
Today, Andrius TRC knives stand for high quality custom knives. Grinding and handle material are first-class processed and he himself inspects every single knife before it is shipped.

Since November 2013, the distribution of TRC knives within Germany has been carried out by Messerdepot. The company Messerdepot has been active in the online business since 2002 and offers its customers a wide range of outdoor items.
PREORDER - TRC Speed Demon Neck Knife Skeletonized M390 Steel with Kydex
Steel: M390
Blade: 80mm
Total lines: 180mm
bonus points
224.32 USD
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TRC Knives K1 Knife ELMAX Satin Blade Canvas black
Ground flatgrind
Blade steel: ELMAX
Hardness: 59-60 HRC
bonus points
295.54 USD
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TRC Knives Special K1 Apocalyptic finish M390Canvas black
At the end of 2017, TRCTRC is a company from Lithuania with whom we have been working since 2013. Owner Andrius Tricius creates series models as well as custom knives. His knives are for hunting and outdoor activity. His knives are known for a very good quality. Knives made some of the two popular series K1 and K1s in apocalyptic style.
bonus points
343.01 USD
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TRC K1 Fuller outdoor knife satin steel M390 Canvas green
Blade steel: M390
Hardness: 60-61HRC
Blade thickness: 4.6mm
bonus points
314.53 USD
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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